Daena smoller CV


​Developed, coordinated and implemented high-profile promotions for and with the ISPR - International Society for Paranormal Research, GHOST EXPEDITIONS - Creating Ghost Hunters and Testing Psi Since 1994 and the former Vogue Theater in Hollywood.

"MGM'S "POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY" NATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES" Ten national winners and their guests participate in a private VIP "ISPR OVERNIGHT GHOST EXPEDITION WITH DAENA SMOLLER" and "POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY" star, Robbi Chong, at an ISPR-investigated haunted mansion in New Orleans.

November 1997

"ISPR / DREAMWORKS ADVANCE SCREENING OF "THE HAUNTING"" ISPR Investigative Team makes a special appearance for a 45-minute Q & A session before the advanced screening of Dreamworks "The Haunting", at the (formerly haunted) Vogue Theater in Hollywood.

Summer 1999

"X-FILES MOVIE FOREIGN RELEASE Sweepstakes" ISPR sponsors the foreign release of the X-FILES Movie, South African Winners sent to L.A. to stay at an ISPR-designated hotel and participate in an ISPR OVERNIGHT GHOST EXPEDITION.


"AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE WINNERS SHOWCASE" ISPR sponsors the screening of the three winning films from the 1999 AFI International Film Fest, at the Vogue Theater in Hollywood. Fall 1999

"VIP GHOST EXPEDITIONS OF THE L.A. BROADWAY DISTRICT" ISPR Investigative Team conducts a VIP GHOST EXPEDITION for media and participants, through Los Angeles' Broadway District Theatres to raise awareness and funds for 'Friends of the Orpheum' and the L.A. Conservancy.

"HAUNTED AMERICA.com 1999 LIVE CHAT ROOM WITH DAENA SMOLLER", America Online Keyword: HALLOWEEN. Front page placement on Internet's Top 13 Search Engines (1999) on Alta Vista, Webcrawler, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Infoseek, Snap, C4, Magellan, GoTo, HotBot, Planet Search, 4 Everything and Excite.

"HAUNTED VOGUE TOURS FOR HALLOWEEN '99" Tours of the newly ISPR-restored and haunted Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, sponsored by the ISPR and the VICTOR CAMACHO SHOW, followed by a live broadcast of the VICTOR CAMACHO SHOW at the Vogue.

"HALLOWEEN WITH KIIS FM'S JOJO WRIGHT AND THE ISPR" ISPR sponsors a live broadcast remote with JoJo Wright of KIIS FM at the Vogue Theater in Hollywood, interviews with ISPR Investigators for Halloween.

"BIZARRE MAGAZINE SWEEPSTAKES" (England) Two Greater Britain winners participate in an ISPR OVERNIGHT GHOST EXPEDITION at an ISPR-investigated haunted mansion in New Orleans.

"WDVE-FM (Pittsburgh, PA) HALLOWEEN WEEKEND" Winners stay at an ISPR-investigated haunted mansion in New Orleans. L.A. to participate in an ISPR GHOST EXPEDITION. 1998

"KFI TALK RADIO / ISPR OVERNIGHT GHOST EXPEDITION" ISPR Investigators take radio personalities and station winners on an ISPR Overnight Ghost Expedition at the (formerly haunted) Vogue Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

"GHOST STORIES AT THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY STORE" ISPR's Dr. Larry Montz, Peter James and Daena Smoller take the stage at Mitzi Shore's Comedy Store to entertain national and international media representatives with legendary ghost stories written about by event host & author Laurie Jacobson, and fascinate them with actual information from ISPR parapsychological investigations of the Comedy Store.

"SONY PICTURES FALL 2004 SWEEPSTAKES - RESIDENT EVIL DVD RELEASE" One winner and guest Win the Grand Prize of a private, VIP GHOST EXPEDITION in New Orleans with an ISPR Investigator and a four-night stay in the Big Easy.

"SONY PICTURES / UGO.COM WINTER 2005 SWEEPSTAKES - THE GRUDGE DVD RELEASE" One winner and guest Win the Grand Prize of staying with an ISPR Investigator all night, inside the most actively haunted property in New Orleans - an ISPR GHOST EXPEDITONS site.


October 2007

Halloween Event in New Orleans with special ISPR guests Parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz, Daena Smoller and Cari Roy.  Includes a tour of the building and GHOST EXPEDITION Level II.